HiDef-VASER Lipo is today’s newest, most advanced and most effective liposuction method.

    Besides from the traditional liposuction method, with the help of new medical technologies, Hi def LIPO VASER liposuction method use ultrasonic sound waves works on fat that closer to your muscle to achieved best beach look with muscle lines. These new methods are helpful to have smooth result on the skin.

    Vaser Lipo are dedicated to work on fatty tissue; they do not harm the vessels or nerves, thus ensure faster recovery.

    Which areas can Liposuction be performed?

    • Hips
    • Abdomen and waist circumference (belly)
    • Thigh inner and outer side
    • Faces facing knees
    • Under the chin and neck
    • Upper arm
    • Breast


    Before the liposuction is performed, the surplus fat depots are identified and marked by drawing. After the appropriate anesthesia according to the site and the size of the procedure to be done, specially prepared liquid is injected into the predetermined regions.

    When the process is finished the incisions are closed with sutures and a special corset is worn to reduce bleeding and leakage in the fat area and to prevent edema as much as possible.


    Wear recovery corset for 4-6 weeks

    Recommend 8 treatments of Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage


    All Inclusive Package Starting from £2800

    • Price includes surgery(1area)
    • Recovery corset
    • Medication
    • 1 night hospital stay & 4 nights hotel stay
    • Nurse visits at your hotel
    • All transfers
    • An English speaking host.