Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

    Abdomen, waist, hips and other desired body fat parts are taken by the method of VASERlipo®* and injecting it to the upper part of the butt.

    Placing the taken patient own fat with 360 degree technique* from fatty areas obtain curvy, plumped and a steeper view at your butt.

    One of the most growing cosmetic surgeries is a Brazilian butt lift and advantageously, since it is an operation with very small not more than 0.5 inch incisions, there will be no trace after the operation. Patients also benefit from fat removal from unwanted zones by having BBL surgery.

    After the surgery a special corset is worn for approximately 2-3 weeks. We will supply for you after your surgery.  To improve the healing time and to keep the newly transferred fat cells, lying on back and sitting is NOT recommended for the first days.

    *VASERlipo® is a less invasive fat removal and body sculpting procedure using ultrasound technology to breakdown fat cells with less damage to the surrounding tissue and Enhanced skin retraction for smooth results than traditional liposuction.

    *360 degree liposuction is more comprehensive procedure that combines liposuction of the entire midsection to achieve an overall curvier, contoured figure from every angle. 360 degree liposuction targets multiple regions of the midsection where stubborn fat may be a problem. This can help create a more balanced, proportional appearance.


    Drains removed 2-3 days later after the surgery
    Wear recovery corset for 2 weeks
    Lie face down or sideways for 2 months

    All Inclusive Package Starting from £3300

    • Price includes VASER Lipo®
    • Recovery corset
    • Medication
    • BBL Pillow
    • Shewee
    • 1 night hospital stay & 4 nights hotel stay
    • Nurse visits at your hotel
    • All transfers
    • Ân English speaking host.